Will Linda and the baby survive?

Linda wakes after her fall, unable to find Mick. When Kat spots Linda she rushes to her side. Alarmed, Linda reveals she can’t feel the baby move, and her waters break. Sonia springs into action, driving Linda to the hospital and instructing Carol to find Mick. At the hospital, things take a turn for the worse when the midwife can’t find a heartbeat…

Carol interrupts Buster and Mick talking about Dean and breaks the news about Linda. Rushing to the hospital, Mick arrives in time for the good news that the baby’s heartbeat has been found. As Linda goes into the final stages of labour, she and Mick are united as a healthy baby is born. When Dean finds out that Linda is in labour he wants to go to the hospital, but is stopped by Shirley. Later, Dean sneaks to the baby care unit to look at the baby that may be his.

Vincent questions Ronnie about his revelation that he knows who killed Carl. It soon becomes clear that Vincent has got the wrong end of the stick. Calling Phil for help, Ronnie is put out when Phil refuses to help her. However, when she reveals that Vincent thinks Phil killed Carl it’s a different matter and Phil agrees to get rid of Vincent.

Also, Kat suggests to Alfie they move to Spain rather than Australia.