Will Linda go through with her abortion?

Linda insists on going alone to the clinic for her termination. Still unsure about her decision, when Mick turns up and begs her not to go through this alone, Linda realises she can’t go through with terminating her pregnancy as there’s a chance the baby could be Mick’s. Back home an angry Shirley wants to go to Aunt Babe’s. Not wanting Shirley to drive in a rage, Mick insists on taking her. At the house, there’s no Aunt Babe, but Shirley finds her mum, Sylvie!

Jane tells Ian that Peter was doing drugs the previous night. Although shocked, Ian still won’t talk to Peter to sort things out with him. Peter is brought even lower when Lauren refuses to go for a drink with him, and Ian later turns down Peter’s attempt to make things right between them.

Nick is getting bored stuck in the house. Ignoring Yvonne’s warnings, he gets his coat and heads into the Square. When Yvonne runs after him, they reminisce about old times. After narrowly avoiding being spotted by Masood, they bump into an incredulous Ian. Nick grabs Ian and pushes him inside.

Also, Tina wants to talk to Tosh alone, worrying Shirley that Tina might forgive Tosh yet again.