Will Linda ruin things for Charlie?

Anthony’s surprised when Linda turns up at Ravenford to tell him that Charlie’s still practising medicine. Anthony checks, but wants to let sleeping dogs lie; Charlie is out of both their lives and doesn’t see the point in dredging up the past. But Linda thinks they should warn his new practice – if it wasn’t for the ‘cover up’ they would know – and warns Anthony that if he won’t help her, she’ll sort it herself.

As Charlie leaves The Mill for the day, he’s shocked to see Linda in the car park. He’s terrified she could ruin things for him, but wrong-foots her by pleading. Linda says he promised he wouldn’t practice again, that he would retire, but Charlie protests that he needs money to retire, money he doesn’t have. Is Linda willing to let him move on?

At a meeting with Julia, Michelle gets ratty before bursting into tears; life just seems so difficult for her lately. Julia wonders if, like Karen, Michelle just needs a new challenge. Later, Julia gets a call from the St Phil’s GU clinic, needing some cover, and asks Michelle if she’d like to do it.

Also, Daniel helps a dying friend realise that there are some things you can’t run away from.

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