Linda’s mum Elaine has arrived at The Vic after the worried call from Mick. Finding Linda in her room, Elaine encourages her to get dressed and go down to the bar. When Elaine assumes there’s something wrong with Linda and Mick’s relationship, Linda breaks down, almost revealing the rape, but unable to say the words.

Putting on a brave face, Linda heads down to the bar. Things are going fine until Dean turns up, causing Linda to rush upstairs. Catching Nancy and Dexter kissing, Linda gets hysterical, shouting at Dexter to get off her daughter and hitting him. Elaine calms things down and with no further input from Linda, she thinks that Linda is having an affair with Dean.

Max is angry with Emma for not telling him she’s engaged. When Max sees Bryant outside, he realises that he’s Emma’s fiance! Trying to defend Emma, Max gets punched by Bryant. Later, Max admits to Stacey that he was the one who called the police about the affair. Max is shocked when Emma turns up on his doorstep – she’s left Bryant.

Also, Aleks tells Ronnie he’s divorcing his wife, whilst continuing to visit Marta.