Linden and Faye take their relationship to the next level this week, when they get engaged. However, far from a romantic new chapter, the latest twist is the product of a misunderstanding between the dour doctor and naughty nurse Faye.

Annoyed at playing third wheel between Faye and her former flame Joseph (who happens to be the father of Faye’s unborn baby son – complicated, we know), Linden confronts the situation head on. Telling Faye he no longer wants to be the ‘other man’, Linden is actually trying to dump Faye, but she mistakes his declaration as a proposal and tells him that, yes, she will marry him.

Weak-willed Linden goes along with Faye’s misunderstanding, and unwittingly finds himself lined up to be the next Mr Faye Byrne!

Elsewhere, Michael decides he’s going to try and seduce Connie, but she puts him firmly in his place. And Greg throws Oliver in at the deep end.