Linden’s hopes for a cheerful family Christmas with newly reunited daughter Holly are dashed when painful memories of her late mother, Olivia, cause an almighty row between the pair. As Holly runs from the house, Linden is plagued by flashbacks of the night Olivia died in a horrific car crash.

Then a junior doctor and drunk from a Christmas party, Linden failed to save Olivia’s life after he botched a tricky procedure. Back in the present day, Linden manages to find Holly and make up for upsetting her, but their truce is short lived when a car suddenly smashes in to Holly, leaving her fighting for her life.

In a repeat of the same situation with Olivia, Linden is called upon to perform an emergency tracheotomy in order to save Holly. Though the situation is touch and go, Linden is successful and Holly lives – allowing Linden to finally put to bed the demons of his past.

Meanwhile, Chrissie stuns Mark by casually announcing that she’s pregnant, but declines to answer to big question – just who is the father?

Elsewhere, Donna is distracted by the reappearance of a former patient who she reported missing, meaning she neglects helping Maria organise the Christmas party.