Will Lindsey identify Joe’s body?

Fraser and Grace are concerned by the news that a PI is trying to track down Joe, knowing all roads lead back to them… Lindsey gets a call from her investigator Sean – he’s found a body and needs the Roscoes to identify it. Lindsey refuses to accept what’s happened to Joe and searches desperately for more answers.

Nancy is frustrated when she can’t get hold of Darren, unaware he’s been trapped in the garage all night. It’s clear this might be a blow to his reconciliation with Nancy. Ziggy and Leela find him and free him but he’s desperate to get to the hospital for Oscar. Nancy and Darren have fallen asleep on each other by Oscar’s bedside, they’re awkward when they realise how close they’ve been.

Vincent and Phoebe are concerned when George goes missing. He finally returns to the house and reveals he’s decided to move to London too. Phoebe is heartbroken – she can’t lose him. Phoebe goes to the university and finds out that George would have to reapply and start all over again. She begs him not to go. Phoebe finds the boys at the bus stop and apologises to them both as George decides to stay as Vincent leaves.

Sandy confronts her husband and later launches at Tegan in the village.