Will Lisa let Daniel see Izzie?

Desperate to see Izzie, Daniel confides in Heston about how hurt he is that Lisa won’t answer his calls. When Daniel asks Julia for advice on what toy to buy Izzie, she bitches to Ruth that she doesn’t blame Lisa for ignoring Daniel – every time they think he’s changed he does something stupid. Lisa finally calls Daniel back and agrees to meet him, and he manages to convince her to let him see Izzie.

Meanwhile, Lily is frustrated with the way Heston has invaded her personal space at home and is now doing the same at work. After telling him to back off, Lily talks to Julia and surprises herself by saying out loud that she loves Heston. Later, Heston thinks Lily is going to finish with him but she surprises him with a set of keys to her house.

Also, Simon goes up in Michelle and Julia’s estimations when he correctly diagnoses a man with a heart condition.

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