Will Lisa pull through?

*Second episode*

After being found unconscious by Kerry, Lisa’s taken to hospital. Back at home, Zak tries to stall the security guards returning Belle to the youth detention centre. Unaware of what has happened to his wife, Zak knows Lisa will be gutted if Belle leaves before she’s had the chance to say goodbye. But when Kerry arrives with the news that Lisa’s in hospital, Zak rushes to her side, while a distraught Belle is forced to return to the centre not knowing if her mum is dead or alive…

When Priya’s plans to seduce Rakesh go pear-shaped, it fuels her growing fear that she’s making a mistake in marrying a man she barely knows.

As Doug heads off for a date, Victoria thinks Diane wishes she was lucky lady. Diane, however, is quick to deny it, but does she secretly want to be more than just good friends with Doug?