Will Liz say goodbye to the Rovers?

Liz calls last orders for the final time as she realises her time is up. As Liz faces up to the awful truth about what Jim has done it’s clear the McDonalds will have to spend the rest of their lives living with the consequences of their actions. Tracy’s onto Steve’s plan and Liz’s dream of running the pub with Jim at her side is over. Liz finally wonders whether it is time for her to say goodbye to the Rovers for good.

With Carla unrepentant, Maria’s at breaking point, and when she sees Tracy and Frank laughing in the Rovers something inside her snaps. Frank gets under Maria’s skin and as she lays into the pair of them Carla walks in. Will she side with Maria or Frank?

Being grown-ups gets tough for Chesney and Katy. With money tight Katy and Chesney are starting to row. It’s not helped when Owen discovers she’s planning to drop out of school. As he orders her back to school Ches reaches breaking point.

Also, Kevin‘s shocked when Sally reveals her plans for the car he bought her.

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