Will Lloyd choose Liz or Andrea?

Lloyd confesses to Dev that he doesn’t want a relationship with Liz, but knows if he comes clean, Steve will be furious. He invites Liz to dinner, but as they prepare to leave, Andrea sweeps into the pub and begs him to take her back. Alone, Lloyd admits there’s nothing he’d like more than to start again, but he’s already met someone else.

Cathy thanks Roy for giving her the confidence to go through with her art class when Emily, Tim, Mary and Craig enjoy themselves immensely, while Yasmeen’s delighted when she agrees to take some more art classes.

Liz finds Tony terrorising Callum in the ginnel and orders him to stop, pointing out he’ll be no use to Jason if he ends up in prison.

Tracy agrees to support Robert at Maddie’s charity evening at the bistro. Aidan and Carla put their differences aside, but he and Michelle are concerned when Carla admits she blames herself for the deaths of Maddie and Kal. Todd calls at the hospital and Eileen is touched when she hears him offer to donate a kidney to save Jason.