Will Lloyd choose Liz over Danielle?

Liz is looking forward to the dance class Christmas party at the community centre until Steve tells her that Lloyd is only DJing because he fancies Poppy. She is further disappointed when Danielle from the class asks Lloyd on a date. Lloyd assumes Liz isn’t interested in him so he agrees to lunch with Danielle, but she soon bores Lloyd rigid. At the Christmas party, Lloyd finds Liz outside having a fag and the two waste no more time getting to know each other properly!

Peter is determined to prove to Leanne and Blanche that he isn’t drinking. Even a bottle of scotch from a customer and a trip to the Rovers don’t seem to put him off his stride, forcing Blanche to pay up on their bet.

Tyrone is convinced that he and Molly are back on track, so when she calls him upstairs he thinks his luck is in. But he’s stunned when he discovers that she is putting a bolster in between them in bed to ‘save any misunderstandings’.

Also, Emily is growing increasingly concerned about Jed’s whereabouts although Norris is convinced he has just done a bunk; Janice makes a new acquaintance doing her hospital community service.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Lloyd dashes back inside when Danielle comes looking for him and Liz is convinced that he is embarrassed about their kiss. When they all arrive back at the Rovers, Steve is stunned that Lloyd managed to bag such a looker and Liz can’t help feeling jealous when Danielle kisses Lloyd. But there is only one woman Lloyd is interested in and when he escapes Danielle’s clutches and heads to the smoking shelter he and Liz carry on where they left off – and this time they head for the bedroom.

Deirdre and Ken return from visiting Tracy and are delighted when they hear from Blanche that Peter is off the booze. Peter is thrilled when they agree that Simon can go home with him tomorrow.

Tony seems to have side-stepped the recession as his flats are selling and he is a hit with the Underworld staff for his kindness towards Maria. His good mood is sealed when Carla agrees to go to Scotland to celebrate Hogmanay.

Also, Tyrone thinks things are back on with Molly but misreads the signals yet again and ends up back at square one; Darryl regrets getting involved with Aunty Pam’s dodgy bio-oil business.

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