Will Lloyd forgive Andrea?

Lloyd catches Andrea as she is loading her things into a taxi and is stunned when she tells him that she knows he will never forgive her, so she has to go. Can he stop her?

Simon begs Leanne not to tell Ken the truth about his behaviour and she reluctantly agrees and keeps quiet as Simon tells Ken that he hurt his arm while messing about. But it’s clear Simon is more interested in protecting himself then his mum, as he loses his temper again.

Maria is fuming to think that Luke doubted her and storms off, but thaws towards him when he owns up to his insecurities. Later, she’s worried when Steph tells her that the last time Luke drove a rally car he ended up in hospital.

Steve’s saddened when Rover’s owner, Paula, calls in the pub and takes ‘Boo Boo’ home. Ken is shocked when Robert turns up at No 1 with all of his belongings, ready to move in.