Will Lloyd lose Cheryl?

Chris is determined not to leave Cheryl alone, and returns to Streetcars where he finds her with Russ. Lloyd warns him to back off but he’s contrite demanding to talk to Cheryl who finally agrees. As he looks after Russ, Lloyd feels helpless as Cheryl leaves with Chris.

Carla’s puzzled when she gets a mysterious message from Sean and when she can’t get hold of Nick she heads back to the street. As Leanne explains how she helped Nick get the factory up and running again, Carla makes it clear how grateful she is. But when she walks into Turners and Nick welcomes her to Nick’s Nicks, Carla’s gob smacked. She demands to know what’s been going on while she’s been away.

Michelle and Ciaran can’t control the sexual tension between them, it’s so obvious that Sean’s had enough. As he orders them to go on a date, Ciaran thinks he’s wasting his breath, but it seems Michelle might have had a change of heart.

Also; Natasha tries to push Nick into getting a flat with her; Michele suggests Sean chat to Violet online so he can find out more about Dylan.

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