Will Lloyd tell Michelle the truth?

Michelle is wondering when Steve will get round to proposing to her, while Steve does his best to avoid her. A guilty Lloyd confesses to Eileen that he made up the proposal, but he refuses to tell her where Steve really was on the night in question. Eileen advises Lloyd to tell Michelle that he was mistaken and Steve isn’t going to propose. But in the meantime an increasingly under pressure Steve pops the question to a delighted Michelle.

Kevin isn’t impressed to find a delivery truck blocking the entrance to the garage and after putting up with it in silence, he eventually cracks when it isn’t moved and angrily confronts Tony. Kevin takes matters into his own hands when Tony refuses to move the truck. Carla is concerned that Tony has made an enemy of Kevin but Tony insists that his dirty tactics will eventually convince Kevin to sell up.

Ken is feeling dissatisfied with his life and surprises Roy by handing in his notice at the café. A sniffy Blanche says it’s because he was too embarrassed to admit to his uni friends where he was working.

Also, Dev wants more out of life but doesn’t know where to start.

*Second episode, 8.30*

Lloyd reluctantly decides to take Eileen’s advice and tell Michelle that he lied about the proposal, unaware that Steve and Michelle are celebrating their engagement in the Rovers. Eileen calls Steve to the cab office on pretence to give Lloyd time to speak to Michelle. Lloyd makes his confession but he’s floored when a gutted Michelle reveals that Steve has already proposed. Will she take revenge?

Kevin clashes with Tony over the garage’s new sign and parking restrictions between the garage and the factory. Kevin thinks he has finally got one over on Tony but Tony is no pushover and returns with the deeds for the factory, which clearly show that Kevin has encroached onto his land. A fuming Kevin is forced to agree to move the sign.

Dev is miserable when he organises a business lunch only to have it cancelled and with time on his hands he decides to rearrange the shop. Molly is unimpressed and points out to Jack that Dev’s grand plan means him scribbling on a piece of paper and leaving her to do the donkey work!

Also, Deirdre’s annoyed that Ken has quit his job; Tony offers Rita one of the show flats as part of the deal to buy the Kabin.