Will Lloyd’s career go up in smoke?

Nurse Lloyd has opted to spend his last day working with paramedics Jeff and Dixie before he begins his studies to become a doctor. But when a teenage van-driver Cameron crashes into the ambulance, Lloyd’s day takes an extraordinary turn.

Lloyd later learns from Cameron in hospital that the teen’s dad Richard (former Heartbeat star Mark Jordon) grows massive quantities of marijuana, since his gardening business went bust.

When the father and son both leave the hospital I a hurry, Lloyd follows Cameron and his dad to their drug den – just in time to catch Cameron threatening to burn the place down with a lighter!

As the house goes up in flames, Lloyd gets Cameron to safety, but when he returns to rescue Richard, there’s a massive explosion…

Dixie and Jeff are fearful for their friend, but are relieved when he emerges with Richard, safe and sound.

Elsewhere, Tess and Fletch are walking on sunshine since starting their affair!

And Joe McGann guest stars are vulnerable patient Grayson, who has been beaten up. Grayson is more concerned about Larry, his pet mouse, which causes havoc for Louise, Big Mac and Noel.