Will Lola expose Sharon’s bad habit?

Lola manages to wake Sharon and insists she goes to the hospital. When Sharon refuses, Lola discovers the pills that have spilled from Sharon’s bag. Fearing the worst, Lola wants to call Phil, but Sharon begs her not to. Sharon warns Lola not to tell anyone as it may mean Lexi will go back into care. When Phil gets in Lola nearly tells him the truth, but scared by Sharon, she keeps quiet.

Michael causes a drunken scene in the Vic after an evening of Janine flaunting Scarlett. When Alice finds out that Michael has been crashing at the gym, she suggests he moves in with her and Kat. When Kat turns up, she and Alice convince Michael that he can fight for Scarlett with their help.

Dexter has agreed to give Billy a chance for Ava’s sake, with the proviso that Ava spends some time with Cora. Dexter glowers to see Billy and Ava getting on, reminding Ava of her promise. After pushing Ava to arrange a drink with Cora, Dexter’s plan backfires as Ava reveals she’s invited Billy for dinner.

Also, Carol and Masood end their date with a kiss.