Lola is nervous about Lexi’s upcoming court hearing. When Billy tries to give Lola a pep talk, she runs off. Trish tells Billy that Lola has made great progress, but she needs to curb her temper. After encouragement from Poppy, Lola returns, determined to tell the court she can be a good mum. Lola’s passionate speech in court is all for nothing when, on Phil’s instructions, Phil’s brief scuppers Lola’s chances of increased access to Lexi. A furious Lola loses it!

Alice tells Kat she needs her wages from Michael before she pays back her loan. Michael confesses he doesn’t have the money, suggesting Alice sell some of Janine’s designer clothes instead. Michael lets a thrilled Alice keep a few items, telling her she looks great. With Alice still unable to pay back her loan, a suspicious Kat asks if Michael is even paying her. Alice covers, saying she overspent.

Patrick is mortified to discover Denise has cut her face after he drunkenly pushed her. Max points out to Denise that Patrick probably feels humiliated being left with a carer. Max spends the afternoon with Patrick and encourages him to apologise. When Patrick plucks up the courage to say sorry, Denise reassures him she won’t ask Magda back, insisting the three of them work it out between them.