Will Lola get her daughter back?

Lola learns Sharon won’t be coming to Lexi’s court hearing and worries what it could mean for Lexi’s residency. When Sharon turns up, Phil is fuming, and even more angry to learn that Lola knew about Sharon’s addiction and left Lexi with her anyway. Lola fears that Phil will stop her having Lexi. She’s relieved when Phil tells the court that Lexi is best off with her mum and she’s allowed to go home with her daughter.

Lauren overhears Tanya telling Jack that they should talk to Lauren about her drink problem. Lauren assures them that she’s had a tough time after her split with Joey, but she’s back on track with her studies. Although Tanya is appeased, she later realises Lauren has lied to her after finding out Lauren hasn’t started on her college essay as she promised.

Kirsty is frustrated when she has another negative pregnancy test. Realising her lies can’t go on, she goes to the car lot to confess to Max. Interrupted by a call from her brother Adam, Kirsty instead tells Max that her ex Carl is out of prison and wants to see her. Max promises Kirsty he’ll protect her and their baby from any harm.