Kris hunts down Jake, Nancy’s missing and she’s not answering her phone. Jake panics – he knows Nancy was going off to see Adam. Meanwhile, Nancy’s with Loretta, bleeding from a head wound and trying to persuade Loretta that she won’t tell anyone what she’s done. Jake shows up and tries to persuade Loretta to let Nancy go. Cornered, Loretta reveals a dark secret that shocks everyone, and leaves her wondering whether she can let them leave alive.

Heidi has no idea that Carl and Mitzeee have slept together. Mitzeee knows that Carl was married to her cousin Heidi when she came on to him, whereas he had no idea who she was. Heidi’s unnerved when Mitzeee asks if Carl is behaving himself these days and later gets Carl alone and goes all out to seduce him.

Dom jumps out of his skin at Relish as someone smashes a window. He’s quick to accuse Ste. Dom’s left with egg on his face when the real culprit is revealed.

Also; Kris refuses to don a suit for his job interview at the bank. He reports back to Zak that the interview was a disaster but he’s in for a shock when the bank calls.

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