Devastated Harold finds Lou unconscious and he is rushed to hospital. Luckily, Lou pulls through, but Karl’s diagnosis of an anxiety attack dents his pride. And when Harold confides in Lou how much their friendship means to him, Lou can’t bring himself to tell Harold the truth about his condition. Meanwhile, Karl worries that Lou’s stress over Harold’s pending departure is posing a serious risk to his health.

Having failed to address his heartbreak over Steph, Toadie is proving difficult to work with. Rosie tells him to find a way to deal with it, and in an effort to distract himself, Toadie turns up for footy pre-season practice. But when Toadie lets his repressed rage get too much for him, it leads to devastating consequences.

Rebecca feels guilty about the trouble she has caused in the class action case and is desperate to fix it. But she refuses to go along with Elle’s audacious plan to break into Jackie’s office, and makes moves of her own to restore justice.

Paul’s attempts to solve his Kirsten problem by offering her a large sum of money go wrong when Kirsten sees his offer as an insult. When Rebecca starts getting closer to Kirsten, Paul panics and worries about what Kirsten really wants.

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