Will Louise pull the trigger?

Warren is devastated at the realisation that Louise is planning to kill him on their wedding day. He is shocked when a vitriolic Louise opens up to him and lets all her hurt and anger out. Insisting they can still make their relationship work, Warren is unprepared when Louise pulls a gun out on him. As we see Louise meet a grisly end, Warren pretends everything is OK.

Later, Yvonne and Mandy head up to Louise’s room, but discover her missing and her belongings gone. Warren pulls off the performance of his life when he hears Louise has disappeared – it looks like she’s jilted him. Later, he gets some air in the village when he learns from a passing Carmel that Louise was also pregnant. It seems Warren has not only murdered Louise, he has killed his unborn child too.

Mandy comes across a crowd gathered round a TV watching a DVD of her and Warren in the throes of passion. Humiliated, she flees and asks Tony to leave Hollyoaks with her for good. Meanwhile, Jacqui sets off to tell Tony how she really feels about him. But she’s completely devastated when she sees Tony and Mandy drive off into the night.

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