Lucas has agreed to another race but when Billy tells him he has to fix the race by losing on purpose, Lucas says no, he would never lose on purpose. However, Billy tells him he doesn’t have a choice. When Lucas ignores orders and wins the race, Billy warns him that Garland won’t be happy as he’s just lost thousands.

Lucas tells Billy it’s not his problem but Billy tells him it will be. Back at the garage, Garland pays Lucas a visit with one of his heavies and they trash all of Lucas’ racing trophies. And he is next in line for a beating.

Summer struggles to deal with Andrew telling her they can’t be together because he’s standing by Tash now that she’s pregnant. Lyn can tell something is seriously up but Summer tries to assure her nan that she’s OK.

Lyn is relieved when Chris promises to look after her. When Summer confides in Chris about her relationship with Andrew she is shocked by his reaction. He points out that the Summer he knew would never have cheated on a friend. When Rebecca asks Lyn how Summer is, they both express concern over Summer and Andrew’s recent behaviour.

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