It’s the morning of Denise‘s funeral and the family are struggling to hold it together. The procession follows the hearse down the street and into the community centre. Lucas addresses the congregation and talks about salvation through confession. For a moment it looks like he’s about to confess but he holds back. Patrick steps up to make a speech when Libby falters. Patrick tells Libby and Chelsea that they are welcome to stay with him. Later, Lucas opens a cellar door and a weak figure stumbles towards him… it’s Denise!

Roxy is upset when Peggy refuses to include Ronnie in a family meal. Roxy insists that she believes that Archie raped Ronnie and tells Peggy to face up to the truth. Roxy doesn’t think she can live with Peggy if she won’t believe Ronnie and agrees to move into the flat with Ronnie and Jack. Peggy is gutted when Roxy moves out and she’s left alone in the Vic.

Abi helps Darren cook a romantic meal for Jodie even though she sees Jodie as her rival. Jodie is impressed with the meal and afterwards Jodie and Darren get amorous on the sofa. Darren strips off and is horrified when Jodie shouts in shock and runs off…

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