Will Lucas do the right thing?

Toadie tries to get to the bottom of why Lucas doesn’t want the responsibility of scattering his dad’s ashes. Believing his dad is still making him prove himself from beyond the grave, Lucas checks he’s not legally obliged to fulfil his dad’s wishes. Toadie says no, but that doesn’t stop him keeping on at Lucas to at least think about it.

Alone, at the garage, Lucas takes time to look through an old photo album, and happy times with his dad come flooding back. He takes it to show Toadie and admits he could have made more of an effort with his dad and the reason he wanted his ashes scattered at the oval was because they used to have a kick around there. Putting his doubts aside, Lucas heads back to the oval and does as his dad asked.

Jade and Kyle are desperate to find a new housemate and are pleased when they get a lot of interested in their ad. However, when they get to the interview rounds, they’re left disappointed and shocked by their potential roomies. Finally they hit gold with Danni, a nurse from the hospital, who agrees to move in, but when a scantily clad Lou comes out of the shower, Danni runs a mile.

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