Owen confronts Lucas before his wedding in this one-hour special and reveals he knows about Trina’s bracelet. Lucas borrows Phil‘s car for his honeymoon and finds Owen hiding on the back seat. Lucas pulls over and when Owen accuses him of being a murderer Lucas flips, climbs into the back seat and strangles Owen with his tie. Lucas wraps Owen’s body in a discarded piece of carpet by the roadside, hauls the body in the boot and returns to the Square…

Denise arrives at the church. The couple exchange their vows then return to the Vic for the reception. A happy Denise is oblivious to Lucas’s evil deed as they return home to celebrate their wedding night. Lucas sneaks out and returns with mud on his shirt. Meanwhile, Sugar sniffs around Jordan’s tree, which has been mysteriously planted in its hole…

Roxy is stunned when a debt collector turns up to seize Phil’s assets. Phil convinces the debt collector to give him another 24 hours. Ben tries to help and asks Ian if he can lend Phil the money. Ian offers his services to Phil, but an angered Phil turns him down.

Also, Manda sees Darren holding George and guesses he’s George’s father; Peggy returns.

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