Lucas acts on his plan to get close to Toadie, hoping to find a way to break up his relationship with Steph. Against Steph’s better judgement, Toadie accepts Lucas’s invitation to hang out for the day. When one drink turns into many, Toadie begins to lose his grip on reality and he and Lucas end up stumbling back home together, before Toadie crashes out. However, in his drunken state, Toadie starts sleep-talking. What deep, dark secrets will Lucas discover?

Cass still isn’t answering Donna’s calls about her real dad. When Karl and Susan come in from clearing the garage Donna thinks it’s sweet that Susan keeps all Zeke’s old school reports as her mum never kept anything because they were always moving around.

However, her gran has never thrown anything out in at least 40 years and Zeke has a brainwave and suggests that Donna’s gran might have some of Cass’s old stuff which might give her some clues about her dad.

Zeke and Donna arrive back from her gran’s with two boxes of Cass’s stuff. Donna pulls out some photos that have had someone torn out of them. Next she finds a diary, but it’s locked. Zeke offers to get a screw driver, but Donna thinks it’s locked for a reason. There’s possibly stuff in there she doesn’t want to know, stuff about her.

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