Will Lucas go through with the illegal race?

Sonya can’t help feeling suspicious about where Lucas is getting all his cash from and tells Toadie she needs to get to the bottom of it. She starts by apologising to Lucas for jumping to conclusions and asks him to take a look at her bike chain.

At the garage, Sonya snoops around Lucas’s files and he is furious when he catches her. Later, at Charlie’s, Lucas is offered cash for illegal bike racing but, knowing the risks, he turns it down. Later, Billy calls Lucas asking if he wants to watch one of the illegal bike races, and when he arrives he decides that instead of watching, he’ll ride! Having won, Lucas commits to do more racing.

Trying to keep Tash sweet, Summer lets her give her a makeover. Tash can’t believe it when Summer asks her to help her buy some new clothes. After their shopping trip, Summer tells Andrew she has no intention of wearing any of her new clothes and is only doing this to make Tash happy. However, Tash knows Summer is only pretending to be interested and pushes her until she cracks. Summer admits she was only trying to make Tash feel better on their first day back at school.

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