Will Lucas help Detective Brennan?

At the track, Lucas is on edge with Mark being there and leaves as soon as the race is over. Back at home, Lucas is nervous when Mark arrives to see Kate. When the girls are out of ear shot Mark offers Lucas a deal; help him bring Garland down or Mark will charge him, and with Lucas’s history, Mark tells him he could end up inside. Lucas reluctantly agrees to help but panics when he’s asked to wear a wire to get the evidence Mark needs.

At Charlie’s, Lucas tells Garland he wants to get involved in car stripping and Garland agrees. Thinking he has collected the evidence Mark needs, Lucas is shocked when Mark tells him there is a lot more work ahead. When Lucas says he’ll help for one week Mark reminds him he is giving him a way out and will do as he’s told.

It’s Charlie’s birthday and Lyn wants to make it special, but when she tells him he needs to give Teddy the reptile back to his owner, Charlie refuses and tells Lyn he hates her. At the party, Charlie is still unhappy and things are made worse when Karl starts singing! When builder Jim tells Lyn that Teddy’s owner wants Charlie to keep him, she is thrilled. And Summer notices some flirting between Jim and Lyn!

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