Belle and Drew arrive at Amanda’s house to sort out Drew’s swollen eye following his fight with Lucas. Belle feels guilty for upsetting Lucas, and despite Drew’s reassurances, heads over to Lucas’s house to see him. While she’s waiting for him to arrive home, she spots a short story Lucas has written and reads it, realising it’s about their relationship and how hurt Lucas feels about their break up. But when Lucas returns, he’s furious to see Belle reading his story and tears it up in anger before kicking her out.

Later, Belle is surprised to find Lucas at the door with his bag packed. He hands her $200 to pay for the damage to her camera and informs her he’s leaving town. Distressed Belle tries to call Jack for help, but he doesn’t answer. So she’s relieved when Kelli steps in and drives off to try to find Lucas. Eventually, Kelli tracks Lucas down and convinces him to return home.

Amanda is on her way out to the jewellers to pick up her wedding bands when Peter calls to tell her he’s running late because he had to pull someone over for a traffic offence. Amanda agrees to meet him at the station, but receives a massive shock when Peter enters with Ethan in tow.

*Screened on RTE One, Tuesday June 5*

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