Will Lucas put things right?

Lucas is confused when he turns up at work to find Chris not there. When Lucas calls him, Chris reminds him that he no longer works for him as Andrew and Summer listen on, confused. However, Andrew’s more concerned that they can no longer use the garage to do up old cars to make money. Believing Chris quit because of his dad’s opinion about mechanics, Andrew asks Lucas to have a word with Mr Pappas.

When Lucas informs Andrew that Chris quit after a run-in with a customer, Andrew’s annoyed that he let something so small effect him. However, a disgusted Tash tells Andrew that the customer was being homophobic towards Chris and Andrew feels terrible, even telling Lucas he should have stuck up for Chris.

Lucas inadvertently hands Tash the photo Michael’s been carrying round of the three of them. With this being the first picture Tash has seen, Summer tells her she has to speak to her dad.

Meanwhile, Sophie is confused by Noah’s sudden coldness, but undeterred, she finds a way of getting closer to him. Overhearing him talking to Summer about a jamming session he’s trying to arrange, Sophie realises he’s in need of a bass guitar player, so she gets online and swaps her guitar for a bass.