With the inheritance in his bank account, Lucas is feeling very generous. When Chris asks Lucas how much he’s being paid, Lucas offers him more than he’d have expected. However, when Lucas takes Chris to Charlie’s for lunch, he gets chatting to a woman, Carla, but he becomes distracted by the horse racing.

Before he knows it, he’s helping Carla make bets, and as he’s about to make one of his own, Chris suggests they go back to work, and Lucas lashes out, telling Chris to go home. Angry, Lucas leaves Charlie’s and goes back to the garage where he makes a call about a bet.

Paul knows Andrew helped Summer break into his office and so when Paul cancels his driving lesson, Andrew takes it as suitable punishment. However, he’s confused when Paul presents Andrew with a car, telling him he’s teaching him to drive. During the lesson, Paul steps out to take a call just as Summer comes on the radio, talking about what happened at the paper.

When Andrew calls her asking her to tone it down, and not name his dad in her argument, she’s upset, thinking he’s taking Paul’s side. As Paul steps back in the car, things take a down turn when Andrew believes he’s only spending time with him to keep him away from Summer and her strong influence.