Zoe lies unconscious before coming round and the events preceding her attack come flooding back. Zoe beseeches Lydia to say the words ‘I killed Sarah’, but Lydia refuses. Finally, a floundering Lydia admits that the parachute was meant for her, and not Sarah.

Zoe’s horrified when Lydia pulls a knife. Fleeing for her life, Zoe runs from the church with Lydia in hot pursuit. With time running out, Zoe endeavours to talk Lydia round, however, she’s seriously unstable and as midnight bells peel, Lydia’s plans come to fruition. Charlotte, Mike and Dave arrive too late and find Zoe unconscious on Sarah’s grave.

Gilly’s heart sinks when Fernando tells him his plans for proposing to Steph. Frankie tells Cheryl that Gilly admitted earlier that he was in love with her and thrilled, Cheryl quickly reciprocates her feelings for him. Gilly panics and manages to halt Fernando. As Steph and Gilly are on the verge of kissing they’re interrupted.

Also; Archie’s after Mike’s blood, but Kris manages to pull him back. As Mike, Archie and Kris argue about Zoe, Charlotte snaps and admits that Lydia cut the parachute chord. Mike lambasts Charlotte before heading off home to confront Lydia. However, back at the Barnes’ they discover Lydia’s suicide note.

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