Lyn has packed her case and is about to leave when Susan turns up on the doorstep. Seeing that Lyn is upset, Susan makes her sit down and acknowledge that she was wrong to stick her nose in with Steph and Toadie. However, Susan can see that Lyn isn’t happy and wants to know why. Lyn fights back tears and the secret and tells Susan that it’s just best if they all just have a bit of a break. She wants Steph to be happy and if she leaves she will be.

Natasha is furious at losing her place as most popular girl in the school to the new ‘it’ couple Summer and Chris. Frustrated that neither Andrew nor Harry will help her regain her throne, Natasha creates a rumour to ruin Chris’s reputation. Upset for Chris, Summer asks Harry to help, but can he put aside his feelings to do so?

Steph eventually realises that she needs her mother more than ever and begs her to stay. Steph’s unaware that Lyn is still struggling with burying her true feelings and enlists the help of Father Corrigan. After unburdening herself to him, she’s surprised by his take on Steph and Toadie’s relationship.

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