Will Mac see red in Hollyoaks?

Will Mac's insecurities over Neeta turn into anger in Hollyoaks?

Mac is becoming more and more conscious of the age gap between him and Neeta. Meanwhile, Adam, Jesse and Neeta worry about the new posters that have arrived with the picture of Neeta on. Neeta has faith that Mac will be OK with them – unfortunately, Mac sees red when he spots the posters but, when he goes for Jesse, he accidentally knocks Neeta to the floor!

Meanwhile, Darren allows Maxine and Minnie to stay with them, much to Nancy’s annoyance. Meanwhile, Warren confronts Frankie and Jack about the slanderous flyers they’ve been handing out about him and he’s hurt when his new buddy, Cameron, also tells him to stay away. Later, Warren warns Jack to back off – unless he wants everyone to hear what he’s been up to.

Also, Nico’s intent on keeping Jade and Peri apart. She creepily sticks a photo of her and Peri in her scrapbook, alongside some strands of Peri’s hair. Is she becoming obsessed?