Roo asks Oscar to convince Maddy that she needs chemotherapy, but Maddy pushes him away. Hannah warns Oscar that looking after Maddy will be difficult considering his own mum died of cancer. Determined to help he convinces her that she is strong enough and she agrees to start chemotherapy.

Phoebe has abandoned her music career leaving Kyle worried. He writes Phoebe a song about giving up on her dreams, which makes her burst into tears. The next day, Phoebe seems back to her old self, when Neive knocks asking Phoebe to reconsider things…

Hannah tells Andy they can never be intimate again, but he persuades her he’s a changed man and plans a date. After a romantic evening together, Andy kisses Hannah and asks her if she’ll be able to get home safely by herself. With Andy taking things slow, Hannah starts to believe he’s changed.

Zac tells Marilyn that Jett responds better at school by being challenged in comparison to VJ who needs encouragement. Marilyn feels silly afterwards, but John says he admires her for standing up for Jett.