Maddy is still enjoying the city life with Oscar and suggests they go for a hot air balloon ride, but when Oscar sees multiple texts from Evelyn he says it’s time for him to go home – explaining about Hannah’s condition. As he waits alone for the bus, Maddy appears wanting to go home.

Sasha is on cloud nine thanks to her university offer. She piles on the pressure to Matt to check his offers, but he explodes, saying he didn’t get a single offer. Later, the pair discusses Matt’s options, and Sasha tells him that, whatever happens, Leah wouldn’t want him feeling sorry for himself.

Sasha finds a somber Irene, Roo and Alf in the Diner, coming to terms with the fact that Leah will never wake up from her coma. Meanwhile, VJ suggests they should move to the city to be closer to Leah. When Zac explains it may not be possible, Alf suggests they draw up a rota of who can take VJ to visit his mum.