When Matt makes his move on Evelyn, she replies that he’s clearly more interested in Maddy. She’s still stinging from the events at the beach party, not knowing that Maddy’s drink was spiked. Maddy tells Evelyn that she’s not interested in Matt. Meanwhile, Matt asks Josh if he’s going to sleep with Maddy tonight. When Spencer overhears, he warns Maddy. When she goes back to the tent with Josh, she realises she does want to do this.

Kyle gets a phone call from Heath – Ricky may be losing the baby. When Chris sees Phoebe alone, he makes his move. Jett tricks John into checking on the bus, and uses this time to escape. John is furious but his anger dissipates when he and Marilyn find Jett asleep in the bus. John and Marilyn share a romantic moment, which Jett witnesses.

Montgomery breaks into Heath and Bianca’s flat and searches for a place to hide the bomb, but is interrupted when Bianca comes home briefly. Montgomery hides and puts the bomb in Bianca’s laptop bag.

Maddy wakes up in Josh’s arms. Meanwhile, Sasha is still angry at Spencer over his fixation on Maddy and Josh. Maddy tells her she and Spencer are like a brother and sister and Sasha softens. Spencer overhears Josh defend Maddy and realises he was wrong.