Will Maddy and Oscar sleep together?

Oscar asks Maddy for his wallet and notices a condom inside. After the meal, the pair start to kiss, but Oscar stops things from going any further. They have a heart to heart to discuss their reservations about sleeping together, and Maddy admits she wants to wait a little longer, something Oscar has no problem with.

Marilyn and John are discussing Jett’s departure with Alf, Leah and Zac. Later, Marilyn drags Leah, John and Zac to a wedding exhibition, but the day ends in disaster when John and Marilyn argue over wedding traditions. Later, Leah confronts Marilyn, which prompts her to make a life-changing decision. 

The next morning, Ash and Phoebe wake up with their faces inches away from one another. They nearly kiss when Phoebe hears Kyle’s voice. Later, Ash and Phoebe meet at the pier and agree they are nothing more than friends. Ash apologises to Denny for not coming to dinner last night, but doesn’t say where he was. She suggests that they re-arrange for later that evening, but he shrugs her off…