Will Maddy confess her money worries?

When Roo notices Maddy’s new outfit, she realises Maddy has serious shopping problem. Adding to her growing list of worries, Hannah and Andy discover a discrepancy in the gym’s accounts. Andy confronts her and says he’ll keep quiet, but how will Maddy cope with her growing mountain of debt?

Oscar encourages his sister to make the most of their art trip and the opportunity to spend time with Josh. As the pair start speaking again, Oscar tells both of them it’s obvious they want to be together. However, Josh gets a case of the green-eyed monster when he sees Evelyn and their art teacher, Cal, talking. Attempting to break up the chat, he embarrasses Evelyn…

With the news that VJ has been tied up and been left in a bush, Brax and Nate rush to rescue him. When they find the rope and not VJ, they realise he’s at the bottom of a cliff. In an attempt to rescue him, Nate put himself at risk.