Will Maddy go through with the operation?

Maddy is hysterical at the thought of having her arm amputated and refuses to sign the consent forms. Tori tells Roo, Alf and Matt the news and says if Maddy doesn’t have the operation she could die. After some wise words from Roo, Maddy decides to have the operation.

Phoebe bumps into Andy and they discuss the explosion and Oscar’s death, but are left heartbroken when John interrupts them to explain that Hannah has died.

Andy is racked with guilt over Hannah’s death and trashes the house in grief, before Ash comes in and calms him down.

Chris refuses to open up to Pheobe, and instead he storms off and gets into a fight with Andy.

Billie is overwhelmed with emotion after losing Oscar and Hannah. VJ offers a shoulder to cry on – but the pair end up sleeping together!

Ash returns to the Share House and is overwhelmed with this week’s events. Alone, Ash hears someone at the door and it’s Dylan. The pair get into a nasty fight and Ash is left unconscious.