Having warned Mal to be careful around flirty Jade, Karl’s still uneasy when he realises Mal’s lied to him about being in contact with his wife Catherine. Worried the distance between Mal and his wife is straining their marriage, Karl encourages Mal to go home. But having convinced himself that he can be with Jade until Christmas, Mal claims he wants to stay for his parents.

Karl’s suspicions about Mal are piqued when he cancels their dinner plans, and when Karl follows Mal, he’s shocked to have his worst fears about Jade and Mal confirmed.

Rhys wakes to find he feels much more hungover than expected but his day gets worse when he discovers his interview is for this morning. Guilty that his cheeky payback has caused so much trouble, Dane helps him get to the hospital on time. Late but determined to pull it together, Rhys is given hope when he gets along well with the interview panel.

However, when forced to provide more technical medical answers his brain fails him. Rhys blames Jade and an ugly argument follows. Will Dane have the guts to admit he’s the main reason Rhys has failed?

With a cruise booked using the expected money from the sale of Dane’s yard, Lou’s seriously worried when he discovers Lucas is steadfastly refusing to sell the garage.