Malachy is horrified to learn that Kris has to take the PEP drugs, but knows it is worth it if it stops him contracting HIV. But as the PEP drug side effects begin to take hold, Kris realises he’s in for a rocky time as his body is gripped with pain.

Meanwhile, Malachy tries to tell Mercedes about his illness, but is unable to pluck up the courage. Instead, Mercedes apologises for sleeping with Kris, and they soon fall into each others arms, and subsequently, Mercedes’ bed, without any mention of his HIV.

When Warren lays into a hungover Louise, she defends herself by asking him why he was meeting secretly with Mandy yesterday. But she feels guilty when Warren explains he was trying to organise a surprise for their honeymoon.

Later, Warren arrives late for their meal in Il Gnosh, further fuelling Louise’s paranoia. An exasperated Warren again denies he’s having an affair with Mandy, but Louise tells him she knows he’s a good liar and chillingly asks if he remembers Sean…

Also, Elliot decides to throw the election and Warren tells Calvin to pull himself together and not cancel the wedding.

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