Will Malick leave a patient to die?

Registrar Antoine Malick faces a test of his infamous temper this week when he faces a racist patient. When Aislinn, a car crash victim, is uncomfortable with Malick as her doctor it soon becomes clear that the reason for her behaviour is the colour of his skin. Ric coaches Malick on how to handle the situation, but when he seemingly ignores all his boss’s advice, a row breaks out between the two doctors.

Later, as Aislinn’s operation takes a turn for the worse, the junior doctors assigned to the case turn to Malick for help, but instead of jumping in, he walks away from the operating theatre. Seconds later though, when his colleagues have assumed he’s leaving the patient to die, Malick returns with a vital piece of equipment and saves Aislinn’s life. Impressed by his maverick attitude to the job, Penny starts to soften towards Malick, but Frieda warns her off, having heard a rumour that he’s gay…

Also this week, Elizabeth proves herself a worthy nurse when she discovers a startling secret about a breast augmentation patient; Sacha teaches Greg a lesson for meddling in his love life.