Will Malick’s kindness kill or cure?

When Malick’s ex-boyfriend Paul and his family are involved in an accident which brings them to Holby, Malick is surprised by the strength of his feelings for Paul. Malick’s shocked to hear Paul is very ill, leading him to suggest a risky plan to save him and his brother – but when the reality of that plan hits Malick he’s left wondering if he’s gone too far.

Jac is still secretly besotted with baby Freya, who has unbelievably broken through her defences. When Nicole, Freya’s mother, returns, Jac lies to social services in a desperate attempt to delay the inevitable. Jac also pre-judges an overweight patient with surprising results.

Chrissie tries to convince herself that she and Dan are on the right track after a rocky patch. But her illusion is shattered by the reappearance of a familiar face on AAU, which makes her once again doubt Dan and question her feelings.