Will Mandy help Lorraine?

Mandy’s mum Lorraine turns up, claiming she’s seriously ill. Mandy is sceptical, but when it’s clear she’s in pain she sneaks Lorraine back home. Ian walks in on them and furiously tells Lorraine to leave. After Ian tells Mandy that he doesn’t want people like Lorraine ruining things for them, a guilty Mandy tells Lorraine she can’t take her to the hospital. As Mandy leaves Lorraine in the Square, she collapses!

Jay feels trapped in the house with Ben and Phil when Roxy decides to move out of the Mitchells’, fed up with being treated like a skivvy. Jay asks to move in with Shirley, but he’s horrified to realise Shirley is renting Heather’s old flat. Jay realises he can’t live at the scene of the murder and freaks out. Ben advises him to come home, saying they need to stick together. Meanwhile, Alfie offers Roxy a place to stay.

Jack reluctantly agrees when Michael asks him to be his best man. When Janine wants money to pay for the wedding cars, Michael is shocked that she’s spent all the cash he gave her. Michael asks Jack to lie to Janine that the business is doing well. Jack agrees, but tells Michael he wants no part in his twisted wedding.