At the Campus Surgery, Emma is telling Jas she can’t do the talent show as she gets stage fright but when Chris tells her how much it means to him she realises she can’t let him down. Emma discovers Kevin and Jas are doing a comedy double act and perks up when Kevin suggests she could be part of a group. Emma tells Mandy they should perform as ‘The Surgical Supremes’ – Emma and Karen can be backing singers with Mrs Tembe as Diana Ross. Mandy points out Mrs Tembe is to be the judge, then starts singing a Supremes number, giving Emma an idea…

Meanwhile, Zara has been up all night trying to figure out how Joe got his bruises and implies that it might have something to do with Daniel, who tells her they’ll get through this. Later, Fleur turns up at The Mill, where she questions Howard about Daniel and Zara. Fleur then asks Karen straight out if Daniel or Zara would ever hurt Joe. Karen hesitates before nervously answering that Daniel would never hurt him – he really wouldn’t.

Later, as Howard fills Daniel in on Fleur’s questions, Karen sees Daniel and feels wretched. Fleur is still in the car park when Daniel’s counsellor Oliver returns her call, saying she’ll need to put an official request in writing to get the information she wants. Fleur tells him slowing things down will not help Daniel. As Zara turns up and accuses Fleur of persecution, Daniel tries to defuse the situation, as Karen anxiously watches through a window.

Also, a recovering cancer patient looks forward to a new start with his girlfriend but there is something she hasn’t told him. Can Mrs Tembe persuade her to do the right thing?