After Oliver’s fight with Marco spoils Chloe’s christening day, Marco reaffirms his commitment to his family. Meanwhile, Rebecca is disgusted by Oliver’s allegations about Marco, and Toadie tries to make him see sense. Elsewhere, Marco tries to console Carmella, and offers to walk away from the relationship if it is what she wants.

Steve and Miranda are forced to confront the sobering truth that they are broke. Unwilling to deprive Bridget of her school camp experience, Miranda goes behind Steve’s back to apply for a cleaning job, but is soon found out when Steve turns up to the same interview. They commiserate about their situation but agree to support each other to try to make it work. Miranda and Steve agree to take the cleaning job together which raises their spirits.

As Lou and Harold plan for their road trip, Lou’s enthusiasm threatens to overwhelm Harold. Eventually, Lou suspects that Harold’s invitation to accompany him isn’t entirely genuine, and when Mickey asks Lou to be his granddad, Lou starts to seriously think about life in Ramsay Street without Harold.

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