Will Maria confront Liam?

Maria is frantic with worry that Liam is in love with Carla and a concerned Michelle tells her again that she needs to talk to Liam to set her mind at rest. Maria visits Liam, who is delighted to see her. But instead of telling Liam her worries, Maria panics and blurts out that she wants them to get married earlier than they planned!

Gail has another confrontation with surly teenager Tina, who turns up late for her appointment and hurls abuse at Gail when Gail tells her she’s too late. Tina storms out and straight into David, spilling coffee all over him. David agrees to let her off as long as she buys him another drink. But he reckons he’s met his dream girl when she tells him about the ‘old bag’ in the medical centre!

Sally is sick with worry about Kevin’s sentencing and matters aren’t helped when Tyrone lets slip that Kevin has been turning down jobs at the mechanics, obviously convinced that he will be put away. Kevin’s friends assure him that he has nothing to worry about, but Sally is not so confident.

Also, Jack and Vera decide to put an offer in on a bungalow, while Tyrone and Molly want to buy No 9.