Holby is thrown in to a state of shock from the repercussions of Maria’s involvement in a hit and run accident. As the nurse is rushed in to theatre, Ric and Michael race to save her life as best friends Donna and Daisha watch on in shock.

Ric is surprised to learn that Michael and not Connie has been promoted to Director of Surgery – his old post. Not understanding why the job has been given to Michael, tempers boil over when Ric undermines his new boss in a surgical decision. Donna, still wary of Ric following her father’s death, believes Ric is endangering Maria’s life in his reluctance to rush Maria in to surgery and when the unconscious nurse crashes on the operating table, it’s a close call for the team.

After Maria makes a recovery, Donna accuses Ric of misconduct but Michael steps in and defends his colleague, crediting him for saving Maria’s life. Ric makes an uneasy truce with both Donna and Michael.

Meanwhile, Joseph is awol after discovering that Faye’s been making secret phone calls to Linden. He turns up at Holby just as Linden is preparing to scrub in as a substitute, and the pair have a face off in which Joseph accuses Linden of sleeping with Faye. Linden tries to reassure Joseph that nothing has been going on, but Joseph is rightly unsure of his innocence and warns him to stay away from him in future.

The love affair between Chrissie and Oliver seems to have cooled down as she grows jealous of the attention that he is paying nurse Daisha. When Chrissie accuses him of being attracted to her, Oliver dismisses her childish behaviour. But Chrissie’s suspicions prove to be right when Oliver asks Daisha out for a drink after work…